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An up and coming, multitalented musician, Julius Tucker is a pianist, composer, bandleader and producer.  His musical voice encompasses a multitude of genres, from jazz to house music.   He is especially known for his complex sensitivities and agile fluidity on the piano and keyboard which have become his signature style.
At the age of 7, Tucker began studying classical piano at the Moody School of Music in Chicago.  He gravitated to jazz piano while in middle school at Whitney Young Magnet H.S., developing a love for its freedom of musical expression. He continued his studies concurrently at the Merit School of Music where he gained invaluable insight into developing his own voice and style on the piano. Tucker went on to study at Northwestern University and received degrees in both Jazz Piano and Civil Engineering.  During his senior year, he was awarded a prestigious Luminarts Fellowship in jazz improvisation.
Tucker is very thankful for the mentors and peers who have helped to carve his musical voice over the past 20 years.  He has been blessed to perform, collaborate, and record with many of them, honing his skills along the way.  Steadily rising in the Chicagoland area, Tucker has had the opportunity to play at noted venues around town; including The Green Mill, Room 43, Andy’s Jazz Club, Winter’s Jazz Club, Constellation, the Jazz Showcase and The Promontory. He has also been featured at the Chicago and Hyde Park Jazz Fests, as well as many summer concerts throughout the city.  Traveling abroad, he was fortunate to play at the JazzIt jazz festival in Italy where we played a multitude of shows alongside musicians from all across Italy. With a promising future ahead of him, Tucker is eager about continuing to share his musical talents with enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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